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PowerToy for safari Web Browser

Features/功能 Provide enhanced features for safari web browser in Mac OS X environment. Currently it provides Chinese glyphs conversion for Traditional & Simplified. 在 Mac OS X 的環境下,為 safari 瀏覽器提供增強功能。目前為止,提供中文簡繁轉換功能。 ~~提供...

1個月前 發布

維基,維基百科允許你右鍵單擊搜索從任何safari 5的擴展。

I'd like to introduce you to Wiki-It, a safari 5 extension for Wikipedia. Wiki-It: A safari 5 Extension for Wikipedia Wiki-It is an extension is for safari 5.0 or later. I based this off of the Whoozy extension. There's another Wikipedia Search extension out there, but it doesn't have nearly as m...

safari 4 beta隱偏好的變化

Saf4HidPref Saf4HidPref allows you to change safari 4 Beta Hidden Preferences with a GUI, but please pay attention, it changes the甘肃快3.plist. Project Informations README To deactivate the hidden preference just click on the button Set Plist Entry. To act...


Allows you to create short link to the page in safari甘肃快3 using service. You can use "G" icon in Toolbar for the reference to the opened page and " Link" contextual item on any link for the reference to it....

safari 5的擴展,縮短了當前頁的URL,并顯示在一個新的酒吧。這5的safari擴展允許您使用bit.ly服務縮短當前頁的URL,你是對的。當網址被縮短,結果是

This safari甘肃快3 5 extension allows you to use the service to shorten the url of the current tab that you are on. When the url has been shortened, the result is displayed in a tab bar that can then be closed. In order to use's service, one must be registered with and have an API key...

AJAXRequest是一個輕量級的AJAX應用程序開發框架,兼容主流瀏覽器如 Firefox、IE、Opera、safari 等。

AJAXRequest是一個輕量級的AJAX應用程序開發框架,兼容主流瀏覽器如 Firefox、IE、Opera、safari 等,可以方便地進行一些AJAX中經常需要用到的操作,從而簡化開發步驟,減少重復代碼編寫量。 AJAXRequest 主頁

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