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Script development under Mac Osx example, based on the cocoa framework, xcode

Mac Osx下腳本開發實例,基于cocoa framework,xcode-Script development under Mac Osx example, based on the cocoa framework, xcode...

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cocoa Framework for Stomp protocol

Stomp is an wire protocol , used by ActiveMQ. Stomp Framework is an cocoa甘肃快3 framework, written in Objective-C, which implements the wire protocol. Refer to HowToUse page for details on using this framework in your project....

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Objective-C 2.0 cocoa Serial Communication Framework

![]( A Basic Serial Communication cocoa Framework...

A simple cocoa program that will talk to the Arduino microcontroller over a serial connection. This is Mac only software!

See summary. It includes a D-Pad for Up, Down, Right, Left, and OK controls. It also supports sending any text that you want to the Arduino. The program itself is very simple, but the point of it is to show how to implement Arduino control into your own cocoa application. Looking and changing of sou...

A cocoa/Objective-C API for MySQL

This program is a standard API for connecting cocoa applications to MySQL. The codebase was originally written by Serge Cohen and found at He seems to have abandoned the project. The latest release of the project was in February 2006 and there was for...

LEGO Mindstorms NXT cocoa Framework and Remote

LegoNXTRemote This is a library for manipulating LEGO Mindstorms NXT bricks. It includes a standalone cocoa Framework and a sample cocoa Remote application written in Objective-C. It is multi-platform and is not dependent on LEGO libraries. There are two products distributed in this project:...

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iPaint is a free paint program for Max OS X written in cocoa and Objective-C.

iPaint is a free, easy to use Mac OS X paint application. Aiming to provide a quick and intuitive paint program with the aqua interface, pared with the solid and mature cocoa甘肃快3 frameworks we hope to bring a solid user experience without being bloated....

cocoa port of media info

Introduction This project is simply a port to Objective C/cocoa甘肃快3 of the WxWidgets MediaInfo application. MediaInfo is a meta data extracting tool for multimedia files. It can scan a wide variety of media files (audio, video or images) and extract useful information such as container, codec, bitrate...

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